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Nutrition for Life provides a comprehensive solution to helping you learn and apply a low carbohydrate diet to your health success.

We offer all levels of LCHF support from our 5 Step Sugar Detox Program to the 8-week program.

All of our Online Programs are simple and easy to set up. Once you have completed registration you will be able to start right away. To learn more about registration click here.

Read more below on each of our current online programs and any further questions you may use our contact us box at the bottom of the website page and we shall get back to you within 24 hours.

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Online Sugar Detox Program ($19.95 AUD)

Feeling like you just can’t get away from sugar? There is a solution! Register with our Dietitian approved 5 Step Sugar Detox Program and receive the help you need to lead a sugar-free life. Start at any time.

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8-Week LCHF ONLINE Starter Program ($189 AUD)

Our 8 Week LCHF Starter Program is designed to allow you to learn low-carb eating for your health needs and to recharge your wellness. Guided by our qualified team with weekly podcasts and manuals to follow, including nutrition, goal setting, mindset, emotional eating support, weight loss guidance and meal planning support. Weekly recipes are included. Start Now!

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Platinum health package

1 Year Platinum Health Package ($1199 AUD)

Reach your full health potential with our 12-month platinum health package, which is designed to ensure you can achieve a complete overhaul of your diet and mindset with the support of our qualified team to guide you along the way.
This option gives your a number services over a 12-month time-frame which will give you an opportunity to transform your health and create a sustainable healthy lifestyle.
For more information about our Platinum Membership, please fill in the contact form on the bottom of this page.