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Our 8 Week LCHF Online Programs will help you recharge your health!

Hi there we are so glad you found our LCHF Program info because too often people put up with feeling flat, low on energy and overweight! Deep down they know they could do something about it but it all gets too hard and change seems like an endless to-do list!

Our healthcare services are evidence-based, with zero industry funding or sponsorship. Low Carb Healthy Fat is about real food eating and tuning into the bodies best energy source for weight loss, reduced inflammation and long-term vitality – fat as fuel!

Since 2014 we have worked with people all over Australia and even influencing people globally to take back control of their health through the benefits of Low Carb Healthy Fat (LCHF) eating. And now we want to help you! – Start today!

Are you ready for life lasting change? And to reach your full health potential? Okay then well here are a few things you need to know…

It is not possible to adapt to LCHF overnight, people adjusting their lifestyle to a Low Carb Healthy Fat diet need to completely change their habits, meal prep and mindset methods. That’s why we love to work with people on a continuous basis until we know it has become their lifestyle and we can share in the celebrations of weight loss and better health once and for all.

So what is possible is lifelong results and lifelong positive change when learning and applying LCHF with the right people and mindset. 

In our 8 week Online LCHF program the aim is to support people to recharge their health  (for lifelong change) and to help them learn about LCHF over a continuous time-frame with a week by week break down of 8 key topics so that the understanding is developed and the individual can sustain their new healthy habit changes.

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Members of this program will be guided by one of our expert Nutritionists and have access to an online member’s portal where you will receive your information and resources. Our Portal is connected to Facebook so it is very important that you must be a Facebook user to take part in a program. Our program members portal will recognise your Facebook profile each time you use it so there is no need for any extra usernames or passwords. Members will also join a private Facebook group which is (only) for those involved in the 8-week group. Also, daily tips and reminders are sent straight to program members inbox to ensure nothing is missed.

Our 8-week LCHF program is ideal for anyone wanting to be educated on LCHF, learn meal and recipe ideas, have the accountability of a program structure and for weight loss/ weight control.

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