Salt will help cravings

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March 22, 2018
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March 31, 2018

Did you know…Cutting back on sugar and refined carbohydrates will generally leave you experiencing some symptoms that are not so desirable! Whilst these symptoms do not last long-term they can leave you panicking about whether or not a low carb approach is right for you. 

Did you also know that salt can help you manage these symptoms…

After being told for so many years by the world that we need to reduce our salt intake, to be careful how much salt we use, and being scared out of our minds by advertising and doctors about the role of salt in heart disease, kidney failure and other horrible sounding things, we need to readjust the way we think about and consume salt.

When we eat processed foods with salt stuffed into it, this is when salt becomes a problem!

Managing the initial physical and mental changes going ‘low carb’ or ‘keto’ will have on you will be important for you to do as best you can so as to make this a sustainable way forward. 

So in the initial stages of your dietary changes you may experience for example – headaches, cramping or extreme cravings. 

High carbohydrate consumption causes the body to retain water and salt. Even if you’ve been eating “clean”, if you’ve been eating higher carbs- and that means any kind of carbs- your body has held onto any salt that has come in and it has stuck. 

Now that you’re choosing low carb eating MOST of your food will not be salted unless you add salt. 

Because you are eating very few carbs and no fortified foods, your body is expelling electrolytes like mad. You must replace all the salt which companies have been adding to the food you’d previously eaten in order to avoid electrolyte deficiencies, which can be very dangerous.

Bottom line – Eat Real Food and Add Salt to some meals or snacks when feeling the impact of the above-mentioned symptoms.

Perhaps if you are reading this and are in the ‘early stages’ get armed with the right info, help and tools – see more.