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January 25, 2018
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If you have been following an LCHF (Low Carb Healthy Fat) way of eating and noticed initial good results then you might be surprised and a little frustrated when now it seems your progress has somehow stalled. However, if you stop to think of maybe whether life events have popped up recently which have impacted your previously calm, confident and happy state of mind then you may just be finding yourself in a tricky situation where stress is playing a leading role in your life and sabotaging your health goals. Stress plays a common role in many of our lives. It can come about for many reasons and sometimes only stay for a short time or on the other hand, it can remain as a long-term fixture, which can result in a range of debilitating health factors.

So how does stress contribute to changes in our eating habits?

During times of stress, our body produces an increase in the hormone known as cortisol, this will rise during high tension times. Cortisol can cause insulin levels to spike followed by a BGL drop (blood glucose level) which then may leave you craving sugary, unhealthy fatty foods. An increase in cortisol along with your altered emotional state may also mean you either avoid food or eat unnecessarily and as a comfort mechanism.

Bottom line is unhealthy stress in our lives will not benefit our health or progress towards our health goals. And if it is impacting your life right now then here are some tips on how to approach your nutrition ‘self-care’ so as to avoid further fueling the stress you are under.


1. Recognize that it is stress/ emotions that are telling you to eat when in actual fact you are not hungry.

2. Try distracting yourself with a book, walk, gardening or some other type of activity rather than choosing food as your go-to just because it is there

3. When it comes to meal time, chew slowly and try to not rush through….rushing and fast eating will not only add to your already heightened state of stress it will cause havoc on your digestive system

4. Work on getting enough sleep. A lack of sleep will contribute to irritability, lack of energy and fatigue. This could then potentially lead to increased snacking, cravings and poor overall dietary management

5. Move! Make movement a priority to combat stress and release the cortisol build-up. It can be a challenge to want to move more during times of stress but this will be a great way to clear your mind, burn energy and re-set yourself ready for a healthy meal to nourish and replenish yourself with.


Please Note: If Stress is causing a damaging impact on your health and wellness perhaps consult with your GP or contact us, click here.



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