5 Common Traps

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March 18, 2018
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March 19, 2018

No matter how straightforward you think eating real food is, there are many ways to still be tripped up when it comes to pursuing a real food approach/ lifestyle. Here we look at 5 common traps we want you to be aware of when taking the next step in your health journey. 

Trap one

Listening to what you want to hear!

It is exciting for you to learn that real food, and yes, more fats are going to help your health improve. But often it is this that people get caught up on ‘eat more fats’… this might mean the balance they need for their health needs are out of whack and as they consume more fats the weight goes up! Learning what is low carb and how to do low carb effectively in conjunction with increasing healthy fat intake takes time and most people who need to seriously get their health in order will benefit from professional help on this one!

Trap two

Calories will count

Our message is always one of try building a healthier relationship with food and eating. Be less focused on calorie restriction and more focused on eating a healthy LCHF approach, eating meals until satisfied and only snacking if hungry. However, LCHF meals will mean, you will consume foods higher in calorie count (more often than not) therefore overeating and lack of portion control could be a hindrance. It is important to go into LCHF with the right guidance and support on this one!

Trap three

Protein balance 

Overeating protein is a common pitfall for many trying out an LCHF lifestyle for the first time. Proteins in the body are in a constant state of being broken down and replaced, therefore consumption of this macronutrient in the right volumes and food types is key!

Trap four

Mis-management of the early weeks

When truly going LCHF, the first few weeks are critical in thoroughly detoxing the bodies and your cells from high volumes of glucose (from carbs and sugars). In the first few weeks, it can be easy to cheat through this process, having a ‘treat’ here and there. If a person wants to achieve great results on LCHF and switch around the bodies fuel source, this initial phase is key and the right help along with the right mindset will go along way!

Trap five

Thinking this is a diet!

Whilst ever you are on a diet mindset, a lifestyle change will be difficult to achieve when it comes to gaining life-long results from changing the way you eat. We view Low Carb living as a way to eat not a diet to follow. But many people who have been on a wide range of dieting fads in their past can be caught up in thinking that this is yet another diet to try. Simply not the case.

How to do LCHF right?

  1. Quit / heavily reduce sugar intake – take the mini-course, click here!
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