The Good Carbs!

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February 17, 2018
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March 19, 2018

A zero carb approach is definitely not our intention when it comes to working with our clients and online members. In fact, encouraging people to eat carbs is part of what you will learn in our programs, but the catch is that these carbs are recommended as the ‘healthy ones’ or The Good Carbs!  

Furthermore, it is the good carbohydrates that will be lower in carb quantity per 100grams, slower releasing into the bloodstream and more nutrient dense.

Consuming a diet high in carbs results in using glucose (sugar) primarily as fuel. Whilst glucose gives us an energy source, a high carb way of living may leave a person experiencing energy up’s and downs along with inflamed cellular function and fat storage. Glucose, however, is an essential component of our bodies ability to function, therefore we do still need glucose – but current science tells us that we can switch our fuel source from a glucose led approach to a ketone led approach (fuel from fats). When we fuel from fats we are burning much larger logs (image below) rather than kindling away all day long. Fueling on fat means we burn fat easier, we have more sustained energy and our cells become less inflamed. Fueling on fat also means we feel less hungry between meals and we are more likely to eat a high nutrient dense diet.

If you would like to read some of this evidence, here is our list – click here. 


Example: Processed and refined carbohydrate foods, converting to high volumes of glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream

Example: Natural, non-processed, unrefined carbs!


See our very own list of the low carbs we recommend you eat to achieve an LCHF, healthy life! – click here. 


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