Why LCHF works?

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March 19, 2018
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March 22, 2018

If you are gaining weight easily, often feel tired and are generally feeling out of shape then you could be facing some insulin resistance aka, carb intolerance!

LCHF stands for Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat. LCHF is not a diet, it is a lifestyle approach to taking back control of your health. 

When you eat according to LCHF, you are choosing whole natural foods, generally, lots of unpackaged, unprocessed items and are keeping a food intake balance similar to this >>>

LCHF eating means your carb intake will be somewhere under 150grams of carbs per day, ideally between the 30-80g mark)! For your ideal balance, this will require professional help, start our program, now. 

Fewer carbs will mean less glucose (sugar) entering your bloodstream. Glucose plays a role in the BGL levels you have. Depending on how closely you monitor your BGL (blood glucose levels) your monitoring when adapted to LCHF will show you more stabilisation.

When you can control your blood sugars along with hormones related to your energy levels and weight, you will fire up your body’s ability to burn fat effectively!

Many people we work with who achieve their individual optional LCHF balance and stick with this WOE (way of eating), lose weight effortlessly and keep it off!

Do you want LCHF to work for you? Start a program now! Learn more. 

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