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October 16, 2017
7 Day Meal Plan ‘Week 2’
October 16, 2017
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7 Day Meal Plan ‘Week 3’



Continue on your mission to be a Low Carber and enjoy this 7 day (week 3) LCHF meal plan.

Ideally you start week 3 after following the first 2 weeks.

*** (week’s 1 and 2 also available separately or as a bundle) ***


7 Days of LCHF to follow for each meal, including snack suggestions.

What to expect and education to understand LCHF

New recipe ideas which are all based on LCHF

Shopping List for each recipe

Macro nutrient breakdown for each meal (Carbs/ Fats/ Proteins)

Repeated meal ideas to ensure you minimise food waste, maintain a budget and develop a healthy routine and habits along the way

***PDF downloadable and flipping book option***

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