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August 14, 2018
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Macro-Bowls – Starter


How can you create the LCHF balance in a bowl? We have some tasty, easy and healthy ideas in our Macro-Bowl recipe e-book.


The macro-nutrients of a healthy way of eating include; lower carbohydrates derived from healthy real food sources, protein and healthy fats. The key is getting the balance right and when it comes to this, everyone has slightly differing needs.

In this recipe e-book, we have provided you with ideas to create macro bowls you will love. Primarily based on LCHF eating but also there are ideas to suit, keto/ gluten free/ vegetarian and those who love a platter.

Have fun with this recipe e-book and to help you master your own macro-bowl cooking we have even included our LCHF food list which tells you whats in and whats out when it comes to this way of eating (WOE).

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